Straight outta 5D hyperspace and beaming right into your lugholes, X43 Recordings is brought to you by the same Martians who have been peakin' out the rave scene in Manchester and beyond as Detroit Public Radio for the last few light years.

After recruiting the worms from Chumpmag (the worlds jazziest mag) to provide interstellar doodles and intergalactic visual tripe , X43 are now on a death defying mission through space and time to pump all kinds of cosmic jive from the past, present and future, deep down into all your grubby little sockets - plug in!

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'Get Drenched' - Wet Play! coming SOON!

Yes Peops! We are buzzing to announce the first of our NEW monthly shindigs,,, WET PLAY is set to detonate on SATURDAY the 25th Of SEPTEMBER 2010!!!!!!! - The X43 crew have teamed up with LOFT MCR and Tuck supremo RUF DUG to bring you this brand spankin' sleaze off!

Join our Facebook group and keep upto speed.... CLICK HERE FOR WET PLAY

We kick off on the 25th with Headliners: BEGIN (James Holroyd) and our very own RUF DUG taking the controls.......We're gonna be deckin out the Crown with some pebble mill style decor for the occasion... Dont miss this one chumps..... Steaming etc.....

Entrance for this one will be a mere £3 or a fiver for after midnight arrivals. We gonna have some tasty prizes up for grabs in our SPECIAL PRIZE DRAW.... we love you peops...
Venue the CROWN Pub is situated at 37 booth street on the corner with fountain street in Central Manchester... its piss to find ..... Postcode M2 4AA

Also we'll have a NEW mini CHUMPMAG for the occasion, another reason to get your ass down and get drenched!!!!


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Saturday 25th September - Wet Play @ the Crown


'By Popular Demand...'


Charismatic Yorkshire-man, resident of the longest weekly UK clubnight, Back2Basics; Chemical Brother's tour DJ for over ten years. James Holroyd has more quality references than a Roget's thesaurus. At the start of this year, we were treated to a new angle as James released the future-classic (and sure to be highly sought after) Begin 01. With a strong muscianship throughout and with a definite 'coastal' slant, the restrained tempo was a surprise to those following his uptempo 'bogg-beat' style; a surprise we were extremely happy with nonetheless! With a LOT more top music ready in the pipeline, and a DJ schedule that still makes most of us weep, there is simply no let up to this man's prowess. And so who better with to kick off our monthly social than the master of future eclecticism, who's record choices always intrigue yet never fail to move the dancefloor and a DJ who, after years of absorbing influences from all corners of the dance music spectrum, turns his hand to making music and becomes and all-star producer in the process! We welcome, James Holyord aka Boggy aka Begin! Blast off!


Rufdug is well seasoned in the party business.Originally cutting his teeth on the Sydney party scene, Ruffy ran a series of very underground, mushroom-fueled psychedelic disco parties. Alongside this he released a number of records under a variety of guises AND held down some prestigious resedencies in the city. Then, luckily for us here in Manchester, a Visa issue meant he had to leave Australia and return to his home here. Thank God! After blowing us away after just a few appearences (see: Detroit Public Radio, Ordererly Wayward & Electric Elephant) we were again treated to the rare surprise of having a pro DJ who was also a fledging record produer! Rufdug's "Dirty", released on Popular People's Front in 2009 became a massive clubland smash, and was featured in the top 'end of year lists' by many a respected DJ. Ruf Kutz#1 followed as a self-released, limited twelve inch and sold out very quickly (now fetching big cash) and as you read this Ruf Kutz #2 - The Sydney Disco Mafia EP has dropped and is causing massive disco destruction! Again, a natural selection for our first party - expect a sun-blushed selection of psychedelic disco, peakin' vibrations and underground bombs!

BLURBS by Kickin' Pigeon

Monday, 5 July 2010

Come in Captain B'Kirk......;/;/;/ july news!

Yes peops Alvin T here with your latest sack of guff from X43. Plenty of news and events to tell you about but first, Gravy Pit HQ has recieved a deep space transmission from Captain B'Kirk as he travels the universe in search of cosmic grooves........

....Come in...Request to send transmission...come in...a billy...Admiral Captain B'Kirk here, travelling the universe boldly goin with my goers; 6 Bells n Honky Tonk onboard starship billy 1210MKII in search of cosmic grooves, ill moves an' boob toobs.

-We've been sailing the cosmos s
omewhere between the vast stretch of constellations that make up the redbricks way of the hulme zones and the dim-lit space lines of the whalley strange for the past few earth months. Approx. 1 earth month ago starship billy was sucked into a low gravity k-hole and was suspended in 5D for 15 days. During this period myself, Admiral B'Kirk, discovered some new bumpin grooves using the starship's ableton system so ive banged em up here in cyberspace for all you chumps to get ya lugholes popped on a disco pantaloned up ready for a boogie. me n the crew'll be out here scannin the universe for John Robb and his massive baggy foreskin for a long time, so on our adventures ill be poppin by X43 recordings on the regular bringing you updates and tastes of new grooves an' musical treats discovered on our amazing adventures.....yipes!...i gotta jib, starship billy is about to be swallowed up by a giant star 'angin gobby couldnt..Love peace n afro grease till next time ...log off...x A.Cpt B'Kirk.....

July news...

Ok - X43oo4 Ste Spandex's Peakin' get yer beak in overcrunch is OUT NOW and available from Piccadilly records in Manchester so snap one up while you can as its limited to only 50 copies worldwide. click here!

Yes its time to prepare for this years 'That Amazing Thing' Camping trip!!!! - Loads of manchester heavy weights will be decending on Cumbria once again including Luke Unabomber, Crowhead, Ruf Dug and your very own Detroit public radio for another wild weekend. - get it sorted and come! The fun starts on friday 23rd july! click here for details!

-Summers about to peek n peak and x43 Bumchum and chief tucker-inner, Ruf dug has his stash of Ruf Kutz #2 in the docking bay, ready to launch - its an absolute banger! i tell you! - you can pre order it now from piccadilly records (advisable as this will be very limited!!!).... Pre-order RK#2

News also that Ruffy's X43 mixtape is in the final stages of production so keep em peeled!

Safe, x

Alvin T.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

X43004 Ste Spandex' Peakin' get yer beak in overcrunch out this weekend!

Yes chumps, x43004 is finally out this weekend. Our very own Ste Spandex has been tearing up dancefloors willy-nilly in twnty ten and now you can bring him directly into your front room, car, kitchen, where-ever by dusting off your wallet/purse, getting some cash out and purchasing his latest limited edition mix cd. 12 clangin' floor burnerz complete in schnazzy case with artwork from yours truly, Alvin T. Retailing at a measily £5 from piccadilly records or from discogs - search for ste spandex!

x43004 - Ste Spandex's Peakin' get yer beak in overcrunch.
Official Release - Fri 11th june 2010 available in store at piccadilly records manchester or online @ from monday 14th june.

peakin' get yer beak in preview!

Other news...... We are all looking forward to another summer of dirty rave-ups and plenty stoneovers. The x43 brothership is being refuelled and serviced as i type, ready for another blitz on Manchester's undergrowth. Look out for invites on facebook and blogs on this shit - follow us to keep updated!

Coming soon! - our bumchums from the infamous Loft Mcr parties, who hosted Detroit Public Radio earlier this year, are putting on another maffis shin-dig in a secret location on SATURDAY 19th JUNE! - featuring the mighty RUF DUG (x43 mix on the way), THAT AMAZING THING, ADAM H (STAY FREE) & CRAIG MITCHELL (LOFT MCR,LEVEL 6).
Tickets for the event which include a trip on the special fun bus, are now available from piccadilly records for £10 plus £1 booking fee - There will be tickets on the door aswell (also a tenner) if you wanna make your own way (location to be announced) - check the facebook event for details, its gonna be a hot one!:!/event.php?eid=101899539853421&ref=ts

thats it for now gs, - buy an x43 cd and support your local billys doin it for the kids!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cheeseburger picnic #6 - The Spring Feast!

Yes Martians!,, its Cheeseburger picnic season again!!! - We're back at our favourite boozer, the Salutation for another heavy rave up on saturday the 27th march!!! At the controls as always will be Ste Spandex, Alvin T. and the Kickin' Pidge who'll be joined by local gunslinger Metrodome of John Sports' Fame! - Also as a special treat, Von Jeets will be hosting a quiz from 8pm - so get down early and try and win some fantastic booze prizes! We'll also be cranking up the barbeque to feed all you hungry chumps! - check the flyer up top anyway!

Check the facebook event for more details and spead the word!

Anyway - hope to see plenty down on the 27th - remember to click the chump head for a pictoral treat!


Thursday, 25 February 2010

X43 Update........

Re-Bump 002

We got a new track up on this bitch. Ste Spandex's Re-Bump 002! - Recently cranked out on Dinamo FM (Istanbul) by the Globe-trottin RufDug. We recommend you check the full steaming set out!:

Also we gots part 2 of our own Kickin' Pigeon's Galactic Bounce happening on Saturday (27-02-10) at Oddest bar in Chorlton MCR - Starting at 8pm, look out for El Pidge firing out all kinds of space rockets!!

This year's 'Record store day' will be going off down at Piccadilly Records MCR - last year was super heavy with loads of special releases in specially for the event. This year they're even gettin the Chumpmag worms into do a bit of an Art exhibition and there will also be loads of X43 shit flying round too. So mark down Saturday 17th April 2010 in your diarys and check the website for more details....

Lastly... found a nice bit of archive video footage. Joey Warcrimes on the rampage in a motor at last years camping trip.... please note: no portaloos or humans were harmed during filming!

Warcrimes wheelspinnin' campsite carnage (excerpt)

Look out campers!!!


P.S: New pic up on the Chump head - just give it a wee click!