Straight outta 5D hyperspace and beaming right into your lugholes, X43 Recordings is brought to you by the same Martians who have been peakin' out the rave scene in Manchester and beyond as Detroit Public Radio for the last few light years.

After recruiting the worms from Chumpmag (the worlds jazziest mag) to provide interstellar doodles and intergalactic visual tripe , X43 are now on a death defying mission through space and time to pump all kinds of cosmic jive from the past, present and future, deep down into all your grubby little sockets - plug in!

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Monday, 5 July 2010

Come in Captain B'Kirk......;/;/;/ july news!

Yes peops Alvin T here with your latest sack of guff from X43. Plenty of news and events to tell you about but first, Gravy Pit HQ has recieved a deep space transmission from Captain B'Kirk as he travels the universe in search of cosmic grooves........

....Come in...Request to send transmission...come in...a billy...Admiral Captain B'Kirk here, travelling the universe boldly goin with my goers; 6 Bells n Honky Tonk onboard starship billy 1210MKII in search of cosmic grooves, ill moves an' boob toobs.

-We've been sailing the cosmos s
omewhere between the vast stretch of constellations that make up the redbricks way of the hulme zones and the dim-lit space lines of the whalley strange for the past few earth months. Approx. 1 earth month ago starship billy was sucked into a low gravity k-hole and was suspended in 5D for 15 days. During this period myself, Admiral B'Kirk, discovered some new bumpin grooves using the starship's ableton system so ive banged em up here in cyberspace for all you chumps to get ya lugholes popped on a disco pantaloned up ready for a boogie. me n the crew'll be out here scannin the universe for John Robb and his massive baggy foreskin for a long time, so on our adventures ill be poppin by X43 recordings on the regular bringing you updates and tastes of new grooves an' musical treats discovered on our amazing adventures.....yipes!...i gotta jib, starship billy is about to be swallowed up by a giant star 'angin gobby couldnt..Love peace n afro grease till next time ...log off...x A.Cpt B'Kirk.....

July news...

Ok - X43oo4 Ste Spandex's Peakin' get yer beak in overcrunch is OUT NOW and available from Piccadilly records in Manchester so snap one up while you can as its limited to only 50 copies worldwide. click here!

Yes its time to prepare for this years 'That Amazing Thing' Camping trip!!!! - Loads of manchester heavy weights will be decending on Cumbria once again including Luke Unabomber, Crowhead, Ruf Dug and your very own Detroit public radio for another wild weekend. - get it sorted and come! The fun starts on friday 23rd july! click here for details!

-Summers about to peek n peak and x43 Bumchum and chief tucker-inner, Ruf dug has his stash of Ruf Kutz #2 in the docking bay, ready to launch - its an absolute banger! i tell you! - you can pre order it now from piccadilly records (advisable as this will be very limited!!!).... Pre-order RK#2

News also that Ruffy's X43 mixtape is in the final stages of production so keep em peeled!

Safe, x

Alvin T.

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